Using a wide range of methodologies, tools and in-depth industry research, Intrinsic Talent Solutions has helped hundreds of organizations build a stronger foundation for success and long-term growth. Here are four case studies that highlight our work in the areas of employee engagement, leadership development, turnover reduction and competency management – all critical areas that can impact your organization’s profit margin and future success.

Case Study: 
Customized Leadership Development Curriculum Increases Employee Engagement, and Job Satisfaction and Loyalty Amidst Paralyzed Economy

THE CHALLENGE: In 2008, many organizations struggled to respond to the public scrutiny resulting from the financial downturn of the economy. This included our client, a financial government regulatory entity that was facing compounding pressure from the media and congress. With layoffs occurring far and wide across the industry, many employees feared losing their jobs.

Lacking the leadership skills to address the subsequent friction and strain, this organization of 1,500 employees was experiencing attrition and significant dissatisfaction. Left unaddressed, this challenge would have exponentially increased across the organization.

Recognizing the importance of partnering with an experienced training and development firm, Intrinsic Talent Solutions was brought in to shore up the damage and provide long-term leadership and development solutions. From the initial needs analysis, all the way through design and execution and ending with measurable outcomes, Intrinsic Talent Solutions created a training program tailored to meet the specific needs of their workforce and deliver results that are still in effect today.

Continuing reading to learn how Intrinsic Talent Solutions developed a customized turnaround training program that addressed this organization’s troubling situation and how it was successfully implemented.

Case Study: 
A Three-Tier Approach to Competency Management

THE CHALLENGE: A nationwide grocer’s IT department quickly found that changing technology was impacting their hiring patterns and workforce planning process. With over 2,500 IT employees, it was difficult to determine which employees had specific skills that could be applied to other competency areas. While qualified individuals were available to staff complex projects, there was no way to quickly identify what competencies were available, nor to what to degree they were modeled by existing employees. As a result, projects were frequently staffed with highly-paid consultants, over-running training budgets based on impulsive decisions.

This case study highlights a competency management solution that Intrinsic Talent Solutions crafted that resulted in clear career paths and enhanced workforce planning.

Case Study: 
Integrated Succession Plan Builds Sustainable Pipeline for Aerospace

THE CHALLENGES: In 2014, an aerospace contractor for the Department of Defense desired substantial growth after a period of stagnation. Following the acquisition of a similarly-sized organization, the company nearly doubled in workforce. Despite the increased number of employees, over 80% of business areas were unable to identify an internal candidate ready to be the immediate successor. On top of that, the aerospace industry at large was facing considerable staffing shortages related to fierce competition and shifting demographics.

Great candidates were few and far between and the board recognized the risk and impending costs associated with having no internal candidates to fill vacant positions. To mitigate these operational and financial threats, Intrinsic Talent Solutions helped this organization establish a strategic succession management plan that would build a sustainable talent pipeline.

The Leadership Manifesto: The 5 Secrets to Learning Engagement Mastery

In today’s fast-paced and hectic business world, it’s often difficult to master even the most basic of leadership skills. There are many options open to participants, but very few actually deliver meaningful results.

Let’s face it. The workplace and business world have changed dramatically in recent years, presenting many challenges to employers and employees alike. However, it seems many leadership and learning programs have stagnated, failing to evolve to match the pace of change.


One way to address this issue is to think differently about how learning is delivered. We crafted a program we call Accelerated Leadership Mastery. There are five key elements to the program.

  1. Defined program structure.
  2. Targeted individual development.
  3. Information delivered in different ways.
  4. Credible materials and facilitators.
  5. Sustainable learning.

Our program has six unique modules designed to unleash your potential. We guide participants through self-exploration, with several different proven techniques designed to elicit the best version of the student.

The people who are the best fit for this training are high-achievers, who thrive in environments of growth and stimulation and want to surround their selves with like-minded achievers. We invite you to download our Leadership Manifesto to learn more about our leadership training program. To apply to participate in an upcoming training, please contact Duncan Brand at or phone us at 971-279-5956.